UCCF 5/24/18: Buying Moodys Rating

From the last freeholder meeting (in anticipation of a June 15, 2018 bond sale):

What a triple-A bond rating from Moodys really reaffirms is that Union County is willing to pay a lot of money for it. How much did the county pay and how much did Moodys dig into county finances?

Based on bills over the last year the county paid $55,500 to Moodys Investors Service through January, 2018, which means that this latest rating likely still has to be invoiced.

For that money how deep is Moodys looking into the county’s books? Do they know about the Open Space Slush Fund? Do they wonder if taxpayers in a county with among the highest taxes in the nation will continue to accept their gouging?

If you judge by their invoices, it can’t be very deep.

Mr. Larry Caroselli has not been CFO since 2011, when he retired right after getting himself lifetime health benefits.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] . . . . . As to that AAA rating – it was bought. […]


  2. […] Residents of Union County are among the highest taxed in the nation yet politicians here brag about their AAA bond rating (one that they buy): […]


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