2019 Executive Budget Calls for $7.2 Million in More Taxes

This 2019 executive budget calls for a 2% increase in county taxes from $360,978,181.27 to $368,197,744.88. A history of Union County taxes (excluding the Open Space theft) since 2001:


The tax amount is completely made up with an eye to the future (assuming tax levy caps continue in New Jersey). Taxes could be much lower this year by reducing the amount of the $25 million surplus but, because of the the way that the tax levy cap is calculated, lowering the ‘Revenue to be Raised by Taxation’ line item in any year cuts into limits in future years. This, however is a phony problem in Union County which, if it needs more money, can always sneak it out of a bond sale.

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  1. Posted by off@google.come on March 9, 2019 at 12:06 am

    Freeloaders think money grows on trees like NJ thinks everyone gets a 2% raise every year.


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