UCDEM (2): Fanwood

According to David Wildstein:

Fanwood: Mayor Colleen Mahr, the Democratic municipal chair, is expected to deny party support for county committee to Union County freeholder Alexander Mirabella.  The move appears to be in retaliation for Mirabella backing Scutari for county chairman in 2018 over Mahr.   Scutari is expected to overrule Mahr – organization by-laws permit that — and put Mirabella on the line in Fanwood – a move that could trigger Mahr running her full slate off the line.

That seems to be what is playing out. Fanwood has 7 districts with 14 seats and 2 full slates running.

You will notice that the People First Democrats are listed first in Fanwood whereas the RDO of UC candidates are listed first (many with no opposition) in the other 14 municipalities that have reported to the county clerk so far.

Searching state pension data yields this information*:

* Keep in mind that there are 398,257 names in the state pension database so the candidate for a committee seat might just happen to have the same name as someone else with a government job. Though also possible is that there are candidates who do have a link to a government employee (friend or relative) that would not appear in a listing of pension members or who (like Fanwood mayor Mahr) are not in the pension system. If you see any discrepancies or can provide additional information on links please comment below.

Next up: Hillside

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