Still Enough For Everybody?

In an unusual moment of candor typically reserved for backroom whispers or private email servers our political boss in Union County reassured his electorate after a bit of an internal kerfuffle with the words:

“As my mayor in Linden says, there’s enough for everybody. Right, Mayor?” Scutari said. “And I pledge to work with him and my members of my city council in Linden — congratulations, mayor — and work with everyone here regardless of where we were before we came in here today.”

Which is what an audience dependent on government jobs and no-bid contracts wants to hear. But is there still really enough?

  • In Pennsylvania two years ago public sector unions called for a strategic retreat on pension reform.
  • In Oregon last month Democrats were forced to betray their financial backers and cut pension benefits for public employees.
  • In New Jersey we will get a new complicated benefit structure for actuaries to assume their way to lower contributions.

But in Union County, with among the highest property taxes in the nation, we still haven’t had enough of these kleptocrats.


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