Corruption Level: Puerto Rico vs. Union County

2019-640: Resolution in support of the resignation of the Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo A. Rosselló and the improvement of Puerto Rican lifestyle conditions.

Most people outside of government, where they get to define the term, would consider both Union County and New Jersey as rife with corruption (ie. pay-to-play, budget chicanery, who-you-know hires) so when the freeholders call out an area outside of the continental US for for their practices it is with some regret:

But the point was made….



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  1. Posted by bpaterson on July 26, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    amazing that if you listen to freeholder estrada, twice he is clarifying that the level of corruption in Union County cannot compare to the corruption in puerto rico. That gives us a false relief though. The readers should appreciate finally the candor that a
    freeholder that has been a long time inside the union county govt comes clean and acknowledges there is corruption in union county. Thank you freeholder, i do now hold you in a higher esteem. So lets do something about it now before the nefarious political boss in control of our county, senator scutari even drags the corrupted system of govt deeper into the cesspool. Time to impeach Scutari.


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