Union County Tax Hikes and Tax Thefts

The thefts continues as money raised by the Open Space tax is diverted to the county budget. Since 2001 regular taxes have risen by 134%:

Add to that another year of stealing almost all of the Open Space tax:

Anyone with doubts as to whether these budget numbers are really made up on the spot with no relevance to reality only need look to that Parks Maintenance item. According to the cheesy memo justifying the thefts:

From the appropriations section of the 2020 executive budget:

$2,250,000, over 14% of the entire Parks and Recreation budget and the exact same dollar amount for the last 5 years, is supposedly being used to maintain mostly empty land.


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  1. […] me one tax, from tolls to the Open Space tax that Union County is stealing, that has sunseted in New Jersey recently. If Wall Street does not move their servers over the next […]


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