UCCF 3/5/20: Musicfest Back

Back in 2012 we had:

Apparently enough time has elapsed to bring back the political event right before an election with a lot of loose cash floating around. At tonight’s freeholder meeting we had:

2020-254: Authorizing the County Manager to enter into a contract with the Union County Performing Arts Centerr, Rahway, NJ, for the purpose of talent acquisition, booking and day of facilitation for the Fall Concert at Oak Ridge Park, Clark, NJ for the period of date of contract award through December 31, 2020 in the amount not to exceed $250,000.

2020-255: Authorizing the County Manager to enter into a contract with This Is It! Productions, Jersey City, NJ, to provide professional planning, production, promotion and management services for the Fall Concert at Oak Ridge Park, Clark, NJ, for the period of date of contract award through December 31, 2020, in an amount not to exceed $171,524.

Judging by the dollar figures involved it’s not likely that a Jan Lewan tribute band will be headlining. These will be national acts designed to attract Phil Murphy or maybe even Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick for photo-ops.



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  1. Posted by bpaterson on March 5, 2020 at 11:50 pm

    Some History if you haven’t been paying attention to the countywatchers expose back then (you can search the archives): 15 years ago the union county freeholders and county manager created an innovative angle for the disappearance of untraceable taxpayer money into connected pockets under the guise of an annual event called Musicfest. Musicfest was the contrived dream of then Union County manager Devanney, (who received that patronage job due to him being senator Lesniak’s nephew) who, for helping a charity with some of the proceeds received in return luxurious trips to exotic places and even a trek to Mount everest. From public outcry and the “countywatcher’s” pressure the then prosecutor Romankow was forced to do an investigation and report of the 2010 Musicfest . What he found was shocking. Contracts that were poorly written and weakly enforced, overpayments, huge cash transactions with no form of tracking, money hidden in a county safe with no back-up, even $100,000 was skimmed off the top by the UC Performing arts center (UCPAC), plus there were structured deposits of cash just under the IRS $10,000 reporting limits. He also ignored specific routes that were known by the public that showed money disappeared. Prosecutor Romankow, more a hack than a worker for the public’s interest, decided not to investigate the 2009 Musicfest to see if there was a pattern. But the prosecutor’s report was damning. Anywhere else, people would have been jailed for this criminality. But to political hack prosecutor Romankow, he only summarized it as minor incongruities not worthy of prosecution. The strangest action was the week before this prosecutor’s “non-criminal investigation” report was to be released, the county manager decided to retire at age 49. The following year the promoter company was supposed to return about $75,000 in overpayments to the county….never knew if they did. Also UC Performing Arts Center was forced to return the $100,000 of county taxpayer money, that was skimmed, which (we believe) they did. The Musicfest went on 1-2 years more but a shadow of itself and then it died on the vine. ………..Fast forward 10 years and guess what. So much similarity arises. 3-4 of the freeholders are still here voting on the new “Musicfest”. The same modus operandi is now in place with the new county manager, who is BFF with the democrat political boss Senator Scutari. To date $400,000 in resolutions are voted on by the freeholders to similar promoter and UC Performing Arts Center. Just a different name for the ersatz Musicfest now. One wild card is unsure how the prosecutors involvement will be if this new “Musicfest” generates another criminal investigation. She is new, but her connection is that her mother was a Union County freeholder 20 years ago so we don’t know where her allegiance lies yet. Could be they figured the public has a short memory.


    • Posted by bpaterson on March 5, 2020 at 11:54 pm

      Just one correction. One freeholder A.E., who was back then, today did vote “No” on these 2 resolutions. We commend him.


  2. Posted by readslikeamafiabook on March 6, 2020 at 12:07 am

    “Free” is a word democrats, progressives (another name for socialists) and socialists use to control the vote. Not only do voters in Union County (& NJ voters for the most part) have a short mind, they have none.


  3. Posted by Patricia Quattrocchi on March 6, 2020 at 1:28 pm

    A slick almost half million when they believe no one is looking. Well obviously people are looking at what you aare doing….at this time the monies can be earmarked for health expenses should the virus impact Unkon County which is probably likely.


  4. […] As an example look to Union County which last month decided to spend money on this. […]


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