Taylor Made Money Wheeling

wheeling”, the channeling of money through different political committees to avoid contribution limits.

It was a surprise to see Union County finance director Bibi Taylor running for an Assembly seat in the 21st district in February and then withdrawing the next month. It now makes perfect sense. She was Nick Scutari’s bag woman.

To which Union County manager (and former Scutari chief of staff) and doler out of spoils in Union County rushed to answer:

According to NJELEC data, Bibi Taylor raised $62,500 for her campaign (including $15,600 from DiGroup Architecture, LLC people):

So why would anyone donate to a first-time candidate with no chance of winning? PoliticoNJ explains it:

Several months after the Union County Improvement Authority awarded a no-bid contract to design a new $100 million county government complex in Elizabeth, top members of the architecture firm that received it opened their checkbooks and donated to the nascent Assembly campaign of a high-ranking authority official.

Bibi Taylor, the UCIA’s project manager who also serves as Union County’s finance director, raised $15,600 from six members of the firm or their spouses for her Democratic primary campaign for Assembly, according to newly disclosed campaign finance reports. The donations account for about a fifth of everything Taylor raised before dropping her candidacy in March.


Public documents and news articles show Taylor was involved in the contracting process. When Vincent Myers, founder of DIGroup Architecture and one of Taylor’s donors, wrote a letter presenting his proposal to the UCIA, he addressed it to Taylor. In her role as Union County finance director, Taylor explained during a meeting last month how the money was appropriated for the project.

Had Taylor been running for county office, DIGroup Architecture would have been barred from donating to her. But even though she played a non-voting role in the contracting process, the law does not apply because she was running for Assembly — a state office.

And where did that money go? Not on ad buys or campaign literature or lawn signs since Bibi Taylor seems to have never had any intention of running a campaign. According to the NJ ELEC website, $16,345.42 was spent in total so far. Here is who got it:


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