If you were wondering what I was referring to with this question to Governor Murphy?

It happened here with accountants:

Suplee, Clooney & Company are the accountants for Union County who look the other way as the county, among other things, steals Open Space Trust Fund money for their budgets. Effective for the 2016 fiscal year they became the accounts for Kenilworth as their employees started contributing to Kenilworth politicians:

The payoff:

Next blog we turn to all the lawyers who have come to feast on the jellyfish.


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  1. […] do not expect an answer. The question arose from a situation we have in Kenilworth. Though New Jersey has a Local Government Ethics Law it contains a loophole in the case of complete […]


  2. […] get press releases on Union County stealing Open Space Trust Fund taxes again for its own budget or Kenilworth candidates getting thousands of dollars in campaign donations from vendors who get hundre…. For that you need to dig and get your hands dirty. Good luck to them with […]


  3. […] accountants for Kenilworth since 2016 have donated to the campaigns of politicians in Kenilowrth sin… which led me to wonder how common of a practice this is in New Jersey. Here is what I found from […]


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