Insuring Kenilworth Bankruptcy

General Motors spends more on health care than steel. Kathleen Sebelius

Based on check registry data put into worksheets Kenilworth (and likely most municipalities in New Jersey) spend much more on insurance than politicians can steal.

Each of these rows has a story. Among the more interesting:

BGIA: Frequent pay-to-player who gave back most of what they got from Kenilworth to Kenilworth politicians in the last election.

Joint Insurance Fund: A good idea in theory but the excessive cost (here and at the county level) may now be pure profit for somebody as the strengthening of the Tort Claims Act (which I heard was on account of Waldorf v. Kenilworth) has made liability payouts by New Jersey municipalities harder to pursue.

Heath Insurance for retirees: almost extinct in the private sector but governments still provide it. In Kenilworth’s case, in addition to payments to the state plan for basic insurance there are also extra payments to selected former employees (and what appear to be some spouses of former employees) who get their Medicare out-of-pocket expenses paid for too:


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