Muzzled: “Tired Of Hearing This BS Every Time”

In attempting to respond to a statement made by the Kenilworth mayor (which I found out recently was a reading of a tapinto piece dated July 30, 2021) I got a minute in before this happened:

Below is video of the mayor’s statement and my aborted response:

After my return from the police department downstairs:

That’s it for the government intimidation portion of this series. Next come blogs on budget Q&As that I found quite informative.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] right does not exist for me (and likely anyone who disagrees with the governing body majority) in […]


  2. […] the borough out of millions of dollars politicians awaiting their next donation from that firm shut down talk that would obviously be for the good of Kenilworth but not for the good of their campaign […]


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