KBudget(4): Paying to Fight Merck

The salary amount represents $2,999.17 paid each month to this guy:

As for the increase in Other Expenses:

Here is who we have fighting Merck and how much it means in taxes:

Kenilworth has 3,144 pieces of property of which 2,951 are taxable generating $42,357,227. Here is a spreadsheet for 2020 sorted by amount of tax paid.

Merck pays $8,331,978 on these properties:

30% of those taxes have been going to Kenilworth the municipality with another 50% going to the school district. That means of the $13 million that the the borough of Kenilworth raises in taxes for its operation, $2.4 million will be lost to Rahway by the end of 2023. (The school district will be losing another $4 million but that’s another blog).

Merck has high-powered lawyers watching out for their interests but Kenilworth politicians have the good fortune to have handy a lawyer who gives back.

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