KBudget(5): Soft Costs Hit Hard

$79,230.50 was Paid or Charged for Engineering Services and Costs for 2020. However, billing records show that the borough engineer, Harbor Consultants, invoiced $297,700 in 2020 (see below). Where would that extra money be coming from?

About those soft costs:

For a contractor, soft costs are essentially construction costs incurred that are not labor and materials. But the thing is Kenilworth is not constructing anything. There has been talk about a public safety building but that will certainly go through the Union County Improvement Authority if the Democrats remain in control.

Here are all the Harbor Consultants purchase orders for 2020:

Here is the “Harold Hill” song-and-dance from the 2/10/21 council meeting (reminiscent of DeCotiis selling solar panels to Union County) to get Harbor Consultants (and Frank Capece?) the big money (at the start of the video try to hear what the borough attorney is saying to the mayor):


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  1. Posted by Ogee on September 1, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    …somebody has some splaining to do .


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