UCCF 10/7/21: Can’t Take the Truth

Here is that paragraph:

How much do the Commissioners know about what’s going on? With Hudak as Finance Chair and liaison he knows exactly what is going on. He is too close to Oatman and Scutari and defends Taylor above and beyond anyone else. As far as Mirabella it is no secret he is weak and would never question the leadership risking his cushy role. Is this why he was chairman for two years? They know he is weak and would allow this scam to proceed. What about the rest of them? Granados is only worried about photo-ops and focused on becoming mayor. Kowalski, Mouded, Leone, and Williams are clueless. Garretson is the strongest and most aggressive on the board. That’s why they won’t allow her to be chair. If I were them I would be in Oatman’s office demanding to know what is going on. He works for them!

I was told that the commissioners got these comments beforehand (the censored ones above not being mine but what “WhyIsHeProtectingHer” put in a comment on this blog). They knew what would have been read but did not want anybody else to know that part. Here is the rest of it:


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  1. Posted by qpat00 on October 8, 2021 at 5:52 pm

    Your comments are an opinion piece. You weren’t sworm in for testimony. The question would have been, instead of emialing and let JP, the board clerk read them, you have read them yourself, would you have been shut down with the mike turned off and then county counsel come on to make a statement, “We have shut down the speakers comments because they were imflammatory, and anyway who cares that we have just violated a persons constitutional rights.”


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