Check Registry Update – September, 2021

Click here for a spreadsheet of payouts from 2004 sorted by recipient and date paid through September, 2021 as taken from Union County Check Registry data. Some of the familiar names are in additional worksheets in the file including a new addition who recently went back to school.

ACRISURE: $1,176,596

BIBI TAYLOR: $32,575

CME ASSOCIATES: $1,348,827

DECOTIIS, FITZPATRICK, COLE: $256,826 (since 8/818)


HARBOR CONSULTANTS INC: $1,484,678 (nothing since 9/4/19)






T & M ASSOCIATES: $7,271,843

UC ARTS CENTER: $2,349,715



WEINER LAW GROUP LLP: $798,368 (since 10/25/17)


9 responses to this post.

  1. looking at the registry and spread sheet, allocation of county tax to firms have different time spans but roughly by type expenditure over an average 10 year time span we have “construction/professional related” contracts totalliing $23.7 million. What gets me is that this total is just on the professionals for building projects and without putting one shovel in the ground. Plus these costs are all basically no-bid, non-competitive costs so its awarding is not according to lowest bid, but who can donate the most to the county commissioners and their cronies. Another grouping can be “legal/insurance” costs: they total $1.745 million. The county actually has a legal department, with at least 100 employees in it and run by an ex-freeholder, Bruce Bergen who had no county legal experience (Hiring raw, unknowlegable, inexperienced hacks don’t make a difference when the critieria is who you know a, self-serving, and obeisance). Again, “legal/insurance” is given out “no bid/non-competitive” and once again, large donations from those firms go to the county commissioners and cronies campaigns. Still apparant the union county govt criminal enterprise is alive and well and spending our tax money like drunken sailors.


  2. Posted by WhyIsHeProtectingHer on October 13, 2021 at 6:18 pm

    Bibi Taylor received $28,000 for tuition reimbursement in just six months!! Are we paying for her to go to law school? What kind of program is this?

    Please OPRA those reimbursements with backup, and the canceled checks.


  3. Posted by Ogee on October 13, 2021 at 6:39 pm

    What is the election recall process, and why doesn’t this process ever come up?


    • Posted by qpat00 on October 17, 2021 at 1:05 pm

      Ogee-the recall process for NJ is pretty much a joke since its crafted by the same elected officials who may be recalled in their future. Its covered under NJSA 19:27A. But its onerous and on the county and state levels would require signatures of a certain high 25 % of the quantity of voters in the last election. That number of signatures would be vast and time consuming, you need an army of voluteers going door to door canvassing and making sure they are registered voters who are signing..Lastly this effort would just garner that elected official to be put on the next election ballot and could just be reelected again. It has been done over history, success rate probably in the low single digits, california govenorship being the last attempt the other month.


  4. Why is Bibi Taylor getting tuition reimbursement? Why are the taxpayers of Union County paying for this corrupt carpetbagger’s college? She must be investigated and the books at the UC Finance Department raided by the FBI.


  5. Hearing the FBI are raiding the UCIA soon. No doubt her and batboy Oatman will be shredding documents for the next week.


  6. Hearing the FBI are about to raid the UCIA. Tick tick tick, Bibi 💣. Game over, Grifter Taylor. Good riddance to her and may God truly have the last word on her disgusting and disturbing existence. Union County never deserved this trash.


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