Pay-To-Play Rules Westfield and Kenilworth

The most amazing aspect about this David Wildstein piece on the mayor of Westfield taking campaign money from a developer on the same day she voted him a tax abatement is that this sort of thing is allowed in Westfield (and I’m guessing Kenilworth too).

In many New Jersey municipalities, like nearby Summit, the Powers’ contribution to Brindle would be illegal.  But Westfield has no local pay-to-play ordinance that prohibit local politicians from taking campaign cash from people who do business with the town.

Here is a spreadsheet from NJELEC data on contributions to Brindle over the years (including the Powers one on June 15, 2021) and here is one of donors to to Kenilworth politicians.

No information on who will be building the Kenilworth tenement project or how big the tax abatement will be but what is certain is that several people on that Kenilworth donor list are set to benefit (more than they already have).


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  1. Posted by qpat00 on October 17, 2021 at 12:53 pm

    For Garwood I submitted to our mayor and council a “model pay-to play ordinance back in march 2010 crafted by “Citizens Campaign for Good Government” of Metuchen given to me by John Paff of the NJ Open Government org. It was strict. Regretfully, the Mayor and Council per normal action referred it to the boro attny, Bob Renaud of Palumbo Renaud for review and creation of the Garwood PTP ordinance. Renaud which you have in the past, revealed him and his firm as huge political campaign donors to the dem union county machine (Renaud being the vice chair of the County dems back then also) and receiving huge legal contracts back then and to this day. So what was crafted by Renaud our boro attny was so watered down, substance was pretty much removed. However, come final introduction and council vote, I stood up in comment period and thanked them for at least doing something. I still have that model ordinance given to me although its 10 years old and probably needs further tweaking since the corruption has gotten more sly and devious to get legally as much money as possible, into politicians and elected officials campaign coffers.


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