Kenilworth Contracts – Suplee Clooney

On September 8, 2021 I sent the following OPRA request to Kenilworth for:

1) Contracts between Kenilworth and the following vendors for services to be rendered in 2020 to Kenilworth:
Suplee Clooney & Co.
Harbor Consultants
Reliance Insurance

2) Proof if any of these contracts were awarded through a Fair and Open process

Among the 10 pages of material in the response was:

A two page proposal letter from Suplee Clooney dated September 23, 2019.

Resolution 2020-16 appointing Suplee Clooney and Company as borough auditor:

And a one page contract dated January 8, 2020:

No Political Contribution Disclosure Form though Suplee Clooney employees have donated $6,900 in total to Kenilworth political campaigns over the last six years.

According to check registry data Kenilworth paid Suplee Clooney & Co $32,375 in 2020.


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