UCCF 10/21/21: Speaking Freely

Some detail on the solar panel fiasco coming on Monday but, for now, my free speech rights are back:

Full text as submitted:

The censoring of a paragraph of my comments at the 10/7/21 commissioner meeting was an un-American (as that term used to mean) infringement of free speech that would not be out of place in a fascist dictatorship. The rationale for it, according to your bylaws:

“No speaker shall make any inflammatory personal comments or attacks, threats or engage in the use of vulgar comments or profanity.”

Inflammatory is a purely subjective term. Someone praising your competence could be considered inflammatory to someone who knows better. This wording in your bylaws would have shut up Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King most times, and I note that we are all people. This essentially precludes all speech subject to your whims.

I also note that the words in the paragraph censored at the last meeting were not mine but those of a commenter on the countywatchers blog that I essentially agreed with.

Here are my impressions of the operation of this board over the last fifteen years, which incidentally would apply to several other governing bodies I have seen in action.

Where party bosses do not have to concern themselves with winning elections they are free to choose candidates based primarily on loyalty. This they have tried to do in Union County and, on the whole, succeeded. You vote unanimously for everything they tell you to (from DeFillippo to Green to Scutari). The few instances when there was doubt (Angel Estrada and Mohammad Jalloh on Development Directions come to mind) were token nays and served no practical purpose. This leads to a desuetude of critical thinking that rewards sloth and obeisance. That leads to costly and ridiculous projects like the solar panel scheme that DeCotiis lawyers sold this board ten years ago and, as I predicted then, has and is still costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars today.


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