Harbor Hopes

If Democrats get elected tomorrow in Kenilworth the tenement goes up and traffic, which at peak hours often backs up to the Parkway on the Boulevard side and Route 22 on the Michigan Avenue side could occasionally be backed up to Roselle Park. However, for Harbor Consultants it likely means augmenting the quarter million dollars in fees that they are getting from Kenilworth taxpayers annually. Which is why, despite being called on making donations in the past to politicians who give them ‘contracts’, with so much on the line they can’t help themselves. The latest candidate filing on the NJELEC website has Harbor Conslutants donating $600, though not from Anthony Gallerano individually this time.

Donation records also show that, if Kenilworth falls through, seeds are planted in another Union County municipality.


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  1. Posted by qpat00 on November 1, 2021 at 11:55 pm

    Gee, one wonders where Harbor consultants gets the hundreds of thousands of dollars to donatee to political campaigns? It can’t be from all those public contracts are given out without competitive bidding can it? Or from Harbors alleged boated billings that the elected officials agree to pay, the same officials that get the campaign donations from Harbor? Can anyone say there is a slimey corrupted system is here in Union County? This is how Harbor changed from just a parking lot and drainage design professional to a full engineering a design firm over the last 15 years of big donations to the Union County dem machine.


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