Election Day Prediction

If you happened to be tooling around Kenilworth today on your way to vote you may have come across these signs which started appearing on Sunday as near as I can tell:

The signs do not tell you who to vote for which may make it alright for them not to contain a ‘paid for by’ sticker. Even though the Democrats came out with their lawn signs around Sunday as well and those signs did not have a ‘paid for by Harbor Consultants’ disclosure so they have their own ghosts.

But as to how this will impact the election outcome:

Anti-Murphy sentiment would likely have pulled the Republicans in anyway (if the Republicans sweep they take over the borough council 4-2 though the Democrat mayor would still be running the meetings and shutting down comments) as most voters (including myself prior to this June) do not understand what is going on with local government considering that all they get is happy talk from internet sources, even those posing as news sites.

Looking at past history:

Now looking at only years where the race for governor topped the ticket:

The closest situation we have to 2021 would be 2009 where an unpopular first-term democrat governor lost big here to a republican posing as a reformer. In the years after that Christie’s star faded and democrats here took over. In 2021 I expect Murphy to drag down democrats in Kenilworth. Of the 2,000 votes that may be cast my guess is 1,100 will go to republicans. If it is more then those signs worked. If less then Murphy is more popular here than anyone would have imagined.


One response to this post.

  1. i don’t have a finger on the pulse of your kenilworth, but it appears statewide the dems will just keep sweeping. We must all admit that NJ is now the most corrupted state in the nation.Those 2 anti-dem signs may have impact though, but should be investigated and reported to ELEC as to the funding source. I always note that the county dems actually have all the voting machines under their direct control all year,even though they are being supposedly stored up in Liberty/Berkely Heights in lieu of county building in scotch plains, always with my conspiracy suspicions knowing how they act.


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