Oh Christ!

When anyone other than a lickspittle comes to the microphone:

That was not meant for me as I have been banned from speaking at Kenilworth council meetings. That was after the local lickspittle brought up a flyer that the opposition party sent out that included a claim that Kenilworth Democrats “added an additional 19 Borough employees.”

Moving ahead:

Full comments:

Christ comes down:

Where would the democrats have gotten the idea that there were 19 additional Kenilworth employees? Maybe it was hidden in a place that these politicians would not think of looking. Like page 6 of the 2021 budget:


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  1. Posted by qpat00 on November 7, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    JB-your attachment spot on: their own formal budget documentation that they voted on specifically says the employee count is going from 106 to 125 an increase of 19 as whatever flyer claims. Outside of the possible unethicalities of discussing politics and strategies at a council meeting, the knuckleheads dont even know their own budget documentation which is the lifeblood of operations of the boro, this is scary. Maybe the new councilpeople will be more aware of their own community’s financials. (Only guess is at this very point in time of the council mtg the 19 are not there since the header title says “anticipated” so they plan to hire the 19?) There is your answer Mr Pacirno, you were misguided by them.


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