Harbor Hopes – Scotch Plains Edition

Democrats did not get elected this year in Kenilworth which gives republicans a 4-2 advantage on the council so the tenement project is in doubt and the pay-to-player engineering firm that pushed the project, Harbor Consultants, is also in doubt for 2022. However donation records show that, if Kenilworth falls through, Scotch Plains can step up as there the democrat triumphed.

Working Union County is one thing as that is a big pot but going after Kenilworth or Scotch Plains might get some notice.

Scotch Plains billing records just came in so here is how much Harbor Consultants donates and how much they get back. We’re talking Oatman money.


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  1. Posted by qpat00 on November 30, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    Building your company’s dossier thru sliminess and pay to play, thats Vinegra and Harbor consultants. I recognized that ploy back in 2008 and wrote a letter to the editor on record. Fact-Lot of consulting companies with minimal expereince were launched into the big time thru the miracle of the Union County govt corrupted system.


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