Municipal Budgets 2021 (2) Tax Rankings

How much does each municipality in Union County charge their taxpayers for the services they provide?

Other blogs in this series will compare costs by types of service, debt, insurance, and pensions. This one calculates the amount raised by taxation for 2021 divided by population which is an imperfect measurement since owners of commercial properties pay taxes (substantial in cases like our costliest municipality) but are not counted in population figures. They also do not have children to educate or entertain and on account of the jobs they provide are often a boon for their municipalities.

Kenilworth has Merck picking up over 20% of its taxes so taxpayers here do not feel the full pain but they will very soon as Merck is leaving.

It is not necessarily the current administrations that deserve credit for low rankings as many of the municipalities near the bottom were there in 2016.

Finally, comparing tax increases from 2016 to 2021.

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  1. Posted by qpat00 on November 15, 2021 at 10:31 am

    lot of moving parts in these tables as you note, makes the numbers just an excercise in futility IMO. Per capita includes children of course with is the driver of the educational taxes. And then there is the senior households that may not use much services. The old standby, average property taxes per household is still the go-to metric. Wonder how many Union County towns are now over the annual $10,000/household threshold. There were around 8 last I heard, Garwood being the latest. Plus the other study we havent seen recently is the affordability one, IE. taxes per median household income per county. (That is a “pain index”, county families spending more on taxes than they should.) Union County plus 2 other NJ counties, Bergen and ? were usually in the top 10 worst (and even in the top 5 on occasion). Thanks for the additional studies, John.


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