2022 UC Budget (2): UCIA Aid

The 2022 Union County Executive Budget is out and the first curious entry is:

Has the county left off propping up the Union County Improvement Authority in light of the latest fiasco?

Probably not. In August, 2021 Check Regristry codes started appearing that started with the letters ‘UCIA’ including:

UCIA-ACR: $72,793

UCIA-AZI: $4,212

UCIA-BEN: $1,788

UCIA-BLX: $5,000

UCIA-CAR: $29,942

UCIA-CIT: $10,000

UCIA-COU: $20,068


UCIA-HAT: $7,194

UCIA-HUD: $150

UCIA-KOL: $446

UCIA-LER: $9,537

UCIA-MAS: $103M670

UCIA-NET: $192,587

UCIA-NJA: $1,584

UCIA-NJD: $1,850


UCIA-PHO: $1,050

UCIA-PIN: $84,000

UCIA-PLA: $402,833

UCIA-RES: $188

UCIA-SIL: $718

UCIA-ST1: $296


UCIA-RAI: $171,978

UCIA-SUN: $2,864

UCIA-SUP: $38,325

UCIA-TER: $5,094,805



UCIA-WOR: $465

and a related entry:

1TA24: $42,664

For detail on who these are here is the spreadsheet of all UCIA related checks with individual worksheets.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by qpat00 on March 5, 2022 at 4:20 pm

    Gravy train’s a runnin’ for every politically connected pig, even little commish Hudaks wife gets a small vig, isnt that nice. How to do corruption, NJ style for sure.


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