UC Budget 2022 (3) Open Space Tax Theft

Another year of stealing almost all of the Open Space Tax:

Anyone with doubts as to whether these budget numbers are really made up on the spot with no relevance to reality only need look to that Parks Maintenance item. According to the cheesy memo justifying the thefts:

From the appropriations section of the 2022 executive budget:

$2,500,000, almost 15% of the entire Parks and Recreation budget is supposedly being used to maintain mostly empty land.


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  1. Posted by qpat00 on March 7, 2022 at 1:29 pm

    Even with the open space theft you quantify, JB1, they still hit the taxpayers up big time on the county greenspaces. In your example above, the “Recreation facilities” line item S&W (salary and wages) and “OE” (other expenses went up $3.5 million above the $10 mill 2021 budget line. Thats a 35% increase just for OPERATIONAL COSTS. The commissioners are either corrupt or stupid to even think about accepting this proposed budget issue. But I know what is happening from the past many years analyzing thier annual budgets: the county has to hide over $100 million free cash they are sitting on to not give back to the taxpayers; but instead to funnel it to various pockets of the politically connected et al such as dem boss Sen Nick Scutari’s BFF CM Ed Oatman and the alleged concubine/ UCIA chair/finance chair Bibi taylor, both making well over $200,000 annually. And yet they both dont have experience for what they are getting paid for and they both don’t even live in Union County they are screwing over. Excellent material for the follow-up book sequel of, “NJ-The Soprano State”, to be called, “Union County-The Soprano County”.


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