MV Strategies Outreach

According to TAPintoWestfield:

County spokesperson Kelly Martins said that MV Strategies was a key part of the county’s COVID-19 emergency response team, and the county hired the firm to register residents for vaccines and testing across Union County. “We have a few hard-to-reach communities, so we hired MV Strategies to further assist us in these efforts,” said Kelly Martins, spokesperson for the county, on Friday. “They engaged in door-to-door operations as well as phone banking to reach the unvaccinated, educate them about the vaccines, register them for an appointment and bring in pop-up clinics to that area.” Martins pointed to a news release published on local news websites in May 2021 in which the county announced that it would be conducting vaccine outreach door-to-door.

The question then is what was MV Strategies doing before May, 2021 (or more pointedly before November 3, 2020) when they were being paid that $750,000.

Who were these Democrat operatives looking to reach with this money?

The TAPintoWestfield article continues:

Martins said the monies paid to MV Strategies also funded other efforts, including messaging about related services the county offers. “In addition to the community outreach operations, any literature that was provided to our residents during this period, listed all of the services Union County was providing for pandemic relief — from food distributions and social services to unemployment programs and job fairs,” she said. “This initiative began in May 2021.”

Like this county service to sign up Democrat voters?


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  1. […] remains a mystery as to what MV Strategies did to earn their $750k but Civic Operations Group apparently does the same door-to-door outreach, while the first thing […]


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