UCE – Finance

Now for some comparisons of Union County Employees (UCE) by department starting with a small one: Finance.


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  1. Bibi Taylor’s full salary is an outrageous $317K+ (salary plus UCIA and other stipends) in addition to her free tuition to pursue an advanced degree in Education at Farleigh Dickinson that has nothing to do with her county job (under investigation), a county car, gasoline, pension, healthcare and unlimited expense account not to mention her husband’s multiple UC contracts and appointments. She is the most abusive, overpaid and greedy public employee in County history. Bibi Taylor has cast a very dark cloud and hostile environment across of Union County. She is toxic and dangerous. It is time for the Board of Commissioners to stop their ignorance and denial and deal with this corrupt nasty incompetent loser. She is COSTING the taxpayers money for her own personal gain. Time’s Up, Bibi Stewart Garvin Taylor. Karma is knocking. Can you hear it? We can. Loud and clear.


  2. Posted by Tom Tom on April 7, 2022 at 3:31 pm

    Apparently the “rule” of everyone only being allowed 2% applies to every department but finance.

    BTW they are hiding her stipend after the Commissioners freaked out. She had the allocations changed to be pulled from different accounts including a capital account to make it look like she’s getting less.


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