Covid Emergency Costs

When Union County was asked for records concerning Emergency Contracts this is what they came out with. When you total the amount column it comes to $48,196,550. When you total the Amount of EAF column it comes to $162,293,808. What EAF means is anyone’s guess.

Of more interest are the names that appear in the Vendor column including these three:

  • MV Strategies: $749,553
  • Civic Operations Group: $2,451,572
  • ES & S: $75,125

It remains a mystery as to what MV Strategies did to earn their $750k but Civic Operations Group apparently does the same door-to-door outreach, while the first thing that pops up when you bing ES&S is about elections, which might be what a good deal of this covid money funded.


One response to this post.

  1. MV Strategies (whoever they are and why they are not based in NJ remains a mystery) billed $1.5M over 18 invoices/purchase orders not $749K. Facts matter. Time for the Feds to raid the UC Finance Department if Taylor has not yet shredded it all.


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