UCCF 5/12/22: MV Strategies To Be Called Out

This is what Bruce Paterson proposes saying at tonight’s Union County commissioner meeting:

So here we are.  And this all could be mitigated if today you actually show some proof otherwise, which we have given you one month to look up and produce for the public.

$750,000 was given to MV Strategies that has only one employee.  This employee Megan Brown was linked to a political activist site against Trump before the 2020 presidential election and was also linked to GOTV activities.

MV Strategies laundered money to Field strategies LLC, a third party.  This company calls itself a political organization involved in GOTV activities also. When money disappears into 3rd Party pockets, no tracing can be done after that by the public. Over 1 ½ months and 8 OPRA requests for MV Strategies work product per their contract yielded no results.

Conclusion: $750,000 in federal money disappeared with nothing to show for it.  The only description for it listed in the CARES act expenditure list is “Freeholder Expenses” which brings up some serious suspicions of where the laundered money went. This documentation will be forwarded to the US Attorney’s Office.

One last item-Commissioner Grenados said it was such a successful program that Governor Murphy used it.  Outside of Grenados apparently lying to the public since we find no program, he implicated the Governor in this.  I’m sure Murphy will be interested in what Grenados said about him.

The video should be up sometime late next week but, in the meantime, there are five paragraphs.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Where'stheBeef, MV? on May 12, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    Where’s the beef? If MV did great such work over a 9 week period for $1.5M, why can’t we see the results of their canvassing program? Oatman held up papers at the meeting declaring they are the results. Why not hand the papers to Bruce so he can see it’s a legit contract and federal emergency taxpayer funds were spent properly to educate the public on COVID response and testing/vaxxing? Where are the photos and proof? Why didn’t the County of Union splash the canvassers all over social media channels like they do with everything else especially COVID-related? Too many questions. Not enough answers.


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