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Comments on an OPRA settlement and the UC Gov’t Complex Fiasco:

Response to the latter:

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To my comments and I will try to contain my outrage.  Last nite at the UCIA mtg, speaking extemporaneously, I ended up yelling at them, but I do not hold that crew in high regard anyway since its just politically connected appointees with no expertise.

The legal challenge by Dobco regarding the UC govt complex illegal bidding is ruled in Dobco’s favor, that Union County had violated local public contracts law. But even with warnings by the judges over the last 1 1/2 years, you continued on your spending spree without any concern and some ridiculous alibi that it is too far along and we cannot stop.  This was abetted in part by your legal counsels of this county and the UCIA, which obviously were misleading you on.  This episode which should have been averted 1 ½ years ago despite warnings from the courts and the state authorities kept moving forward. It turned into one big “cluster–f” and now by your own professional’s admittance say it will cost upwards of another $30 million and take another 3-5 years.  And that doesn’t include the abused tax monies of spending $9 million dollars up front for “phase 1” and who knows how much in legal costs spent over the last 2 years.

This falls directly at the feet of your employees Bibi Taylor and Edward Oatman who were invested personally in crafting this mess with no expertise and competence.  The failure reveals deep incompetence on their parts. I noted to you many times, as an expert in construction, that this project was being handled totally wrong and it needs to stop.  Any good leadership would have stepped up and stopped this fiasco, before it got too far.  Sadly, you and your legal counsels pushed on.  And you even “commended” Taylor and Oatman while this fiasco went down in flames, giving them 8% and 18% raises.  The final slap in our face is that these 2 don’t even live in our county so won’t feel the pain.  Over the years attending these meetings, I find that basically you exhibit no critical thinking, just vote yes, go along to get along and just to collect your annual $30,000 without making any hard decisions.  To the point the public sees this level of govt as inept, just self-serving, useless, and part of a corrupted system created by political bosses like DeFilippo and Scutari, who pull your strings.  Another perfect example is the $750,000 in missing Covid monies funneled to a one-person firm, MV Strategies, with nothing to show for it.  Brought to you by Edward Oatman and Bibi Taylor husband’s law firm.

I ask you to plan an executive session to discuss what to do with these 2 employees and the huge exorbitant disaster they made.  Any private company, they would be summarily fired.  At the very least they should be censured, demoted and their raises of 8% and 18% taken away along with removing Bibi Taylor from destroying the UCIA any further. There has to be accountability, there must be consequences.

Please, show some backbone and make the proper hard decision in the interests of the taxpayers and public.  This clown show has to stop.

One last item, regarding the TAP into article of July 12 covering the UC govt complex legal ruling.  It included an interview with a resident who had some negative comments.  Someone in the county had the audacity to call the newspaper and threaten them to scrub those negative comments.  Imagine, the audacity of your county govt doing this bullying.  As a resident I demand you look into just who did this and fire them immediately.  Hopefully, you will have an answer for the public at an upcoming meeting. 

Thank you.

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  1. What did Dumbo Ears Hudak want to say? No doubt he wanted to proclaim his utmost confidence in dirty Taylor and oily Oatman. All three have disgraced our county, our taxpayers, the good people of NJ, and espcially those of us who live and pay taxes in Union County. They disgust me and everyone else in this county. Remove them all especially Dumbo from the ballot as he is not fit to serve as Surrogate. Not even close.


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