UCCF 8/11/22: Cornerstone Covid Nurses

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  1. Posted by Give the Nurses a RAISE! Fire the Commissioners and Town Idiot Oatman!! on August 20, 2022 at 3:27 pm

    God Bless these nurse angels who sacrificed their own lives during the pandemic. Shame on the creep Commissioners who stay silent and “cannot comment” while they posed for hundreds of disgraceful photos at Kean and on the food lines. The entire County of Union deserves so much better than these chain of fools. Keep fighting the good fight, nurses and thank you for your service (no need to thank the idiots on the panel who DO NOTHING!)


  2. Posted by Toni on September 2, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    I was a clerk on cornerstone east during the pandemic. The PPE Wendy has on is not what we had at the beginning of the pandemic. We were wearing burlap gowns with no air conditioning sweating, couldn’t breath and no administration were to be found. They were safely tucked away at home. We had to clean, serve meals and endure the heat and fear of getting sick ourselves or bringing it home to our families. Not only were we ignored on the hill. We were made to use our vacation time and sick time if we got sick or tested positive, not all but some. Not one person from our administration, I’m talking about Karen Dinsmore or Debbie Anderson checked on us. We were left on our own to problem solve. Mr. Smiley tried but his hands were tied by the incompetent Karen Dinsmore who NEVER SHOWED UP. The minute things became a little clearer or less scary… the harassment began from Karen Dinsmore aka Queen of discipline… we were served lunch but where to eat was and is the question. We were burnt out but, still we showed up everyday. After all was said and done and we did a job well done even if the county chooses to ignore that. Where is our compensation? When family and friends made out swell.. they got paid and didn’t have to show up… but all were deemed essential!!


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