East Orange County Employees

According to the County of Union Employee Handbook (bottom of page 32):

All persons who are employed by the County of Union in a full-time capacity in a classified or
unclassified service after November 10, 1983, prior to employment, must be and thereafter
remain bona fide residents of the County of Union. Upon completion of fifteen (15) years of
service with the County of Union, the residency requirement is waived.

The next page goes into waivers of the residency requirement which these employees:

apparently did not need according the county’s response to an OPRA request:

This email constitutes a formal and complete response to your September 14, 2022, OPRA request for the following items. List of all County employees currently residing in East Orange, NJ (Essex County): file attached. Proof of residency requirement exemptions for each: no document to provide.

Could the connection of a former East Orange mayor to a current Union County finance director open doors for East Orange residents?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by County Clowns and Corrupt Creeps on September 30, 2022 at 7:17 am

    How many non-Union County new hires have there been in the last four years since these three fools (Scutari, Oatman and Taylor) took over OUR county and started abusing OUR tax dollars? Why were these individuals selected OVER “bona fide” Union County residents? Were these positions advertised as required by local law? As usual, Oatman and Taylor are breaking the law (um, Dobco!) and now even the County’s clear and written policies. Time for this criminal enterprise to go to jail (in Essex County!)


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