UCCF 10/20/22: Paterson on Hudak

There are some resolutions on last night’s Union County Commissioner meeting agenda that Bruce Paterson did not comment on (though there is one he did comment on that we will get to in the next blog) on account of these general comments (as updated form this original blog).

Last meeting commissioner Hudak called me a misogynist. It was the second time he tried, but not specifically using that term, it’s a big word for him, but he said all my anger is aimed at women in authority. I had to laugh. He has been sitting at the dais for the last 10 or so years and if he was paying any attention would have heard my detailed criticism towards so many other actors, many of them male, involved in this corrupted system of govt in Union County. Many of them are even present in this room, who felt the arrows. Some past examples are:

  • Commissioner Mirabella who put his whole family on the public dole, and he getting a lucrative patronage job with no experience, increasing his future pension from $15,000 to $90,000 in just 3 years.
  • Present Senator Joseph Cryan, got a past patronage job as Sheriff of Union County with no safety or security experience, the county tried to hush up a payout of $300,000 for a car accident he was in. We won’t mention about him using his public office computer to send sexual messages.
  • Dennis Kobitz who was head of the election division controlling our elections and who had a criminal background
  • Albert Cernades Junior, ex-1st asst prosecutor who abused his power to get privileged information for his friend, then lied to investigators about it. He made it into the report on NY and NJ Waterfront Corruption.
  • Present County Manager Oatman, with a patronage job, BFF with democrat county political boss Nick Scutari, with no experience for the position and lives outside the county against the county bylaws.
  • Even Commissioner Hudak himself was criticized, who failed as finance chair who didn’t understand budgeting, the accrual difference of operating cost savings from one time savings.

And so many more, but you get my point.

So commissioner Hudak is now running for surrogate office, and odds are that he will be elected, not because he is the best person for the office, but because the electorate have no idea how bad this person is for the position. Where are the Republicans on all this.

By putting together just my 2 speaking points of bad government actors who are women and calling me a misogynist from that bases, shows he is apparently somewhat irrational, has no analytical skills, and obviously is closed minded and biased towards people that may question government officials and actions. This is why I note commissioner Hudak does not fit the skills and character for the head of the surrogate office, an office that runs on the statutes, laws and procedures of the state of NJ. And involves custody battles of children, property settlements, estates and wills. Its just a patronage job. You should have promoted from within. This will be like the disasters we have noted in the past, of the county solar program, the Govt complex bid and the UCUA refi boondoggle. We prognosticate that there could be disasters involving the children and estates of the county, and lawsuits. We can only hope for the best, that once he is elected, that he will abstain from making any important decisions of that office since he has minimal to no legal experience in those fields.

Two last items:

If I twice hate women as Hudak infers, then why did I suggest that you promote the deputy county manager, Amy Wagner, who is a woman, to the highest position of county manager?

You also noted that Hudak had the senate nomination for surrogate. This is laughable also since the democrat union county party boss is Nick Scutari and he is also the senate president that presides and controls the actions of the senate. So of course Hudak got the nomination, hollow as it is non-substantial.

Thank you.

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