UCCF 10/20/22: Possible Probe by State Comptroller’s Office

Reso 2022-916 is $45,000 to Kingston Coventry for legal services. I notice they are experts in defending parties in legal cases.  This is a huge amount. Since this is only for “potential litigation” and not litigation, please explain what this is about.  I hear there is some investigation from the comptroller’s office, something about audits.

That was the question asked but according to TAPintoWestfield there was no answer provided so let’s look at what we know so far starting with the resolutions.

2022-916: Amending Resolution Number 2022-456, a contract to Kingston Coventry, LLC of Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ, to provide General Counsel and potential litigation services to the County of Union, to reflect an additional amount not to exceed $30,000 for a new contract amount not to exceed $45,000.

2022-456: Authorizing the County Manager to award a contract to Kingston Coventry, LLC of Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ, to provide General Counsel and potential litigation services to the County of Union, in an amount not to exceed $15,000.

The contract between Union County and Kingston Coventry, LLC was executed on August 23, 2022 with no specifics.

The Union County Improvement Authority reported on October 12, 2022 that they paid Kingston Coventry, LLC $1,396.75 for ‘Special Counsel’ though no resolution is on the UCIA website showing them being hired.


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  1. Posted by qpat00 on October 25, 2022 at 1:02 pm

    The UCIA is just a clown show, meetings are at most around 10 minutes long adn once a month only. Its just the couple board members in attendance, some board members too lazy to drive in for the 10 minute meeting so they zoom, , UCIA mouthpiece Minchello, and then the illustriouos Bibi Taylor in her double dipping job as county finance chair and UCIA director and who is to sit off in a corner with her report. (Its held on the 6th floor of the county admin building.) Occasionally a guess star shows like county counsel Bergen. They discuss nothing of substance in the 10 minutes, maybe a reso or two is on the agenda for a vote. Nobody from the public shows. I have shown and ask questions or make a statement which they respond to, or warn about. This authority which was once a hot bed of construction activity oversight is now relegated to a shadow of itself, no employees, all gone, just Bibi. But from that UCIA bills list link above they certainly are spending our money. One item that jumps out as possibly part of their corrupted system, is the $5,000 (assume paying monthly) to “Strategic Message Management” for “public information service”. This should be looked into by the comptroller along with the county audits. Has anyone out there reading this actually seen any public information from the UCIA for this $5,000? The media like TAP and Star ledger certainly has covered the disaster of the UCIA but thats it. Those 2 should split the money and maybe some to the countywatchers for exposing such a swamp.


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