Questioning UCIA Attractive Nuisance

Likely to be ignored at today’s meeting of the Union County Improvement Authority are these questions from Bruce Paterson:

I am looking at the 2023 list of bill resolutions.  I do not see any for the operating cost bills.  In Dec of 2022 that month had $22,000.  Just in the first 3 months of last year 2022 the bills came to around $50,000 yet I see no expenditures.  What is the reason?

In February this year 2023 you let out 2 contracts both for redevelopment counsel devices totaling $350,000.  One to McMinimum Scotland for $150,000 and one to Rainone Coughlin for $200,000.  Why are we duplicating the contract work.  And isn’t Rainone Coughlin also your UCIA counsel.  This sounds like a conflict of interest, the same counsel verifying the contractual actions of itself.

Reso 19-2023 is giving Acrisure $90,000 for insurance brokerage services.  For what, since there is nothing to be insured?

Looking at this year’s budget and last year’s and previous year’s budgets on pages F-2: Last year Union County gov’t gave you $150,000 in monetary aid, yet you do not show this aid in your 2022 budget. In 2021 the county gave you $325,000 but you did show it in that budget.  Now this year, the county is giving you $500,000 yet you do not show anything.  Is money disappearing somewhere?  Need explanation.

Regarding The vacant property slated for the Union Count government complex-there were signs on the fence showing the building picture and various names.  Now they are gone, Was there any reason for the removal?  Also the locals are complaining it’s becoming an “attractive nuisance” in police parlance, so something needs to be done.

What that property looks like these days:


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