UCCF 5/11/23: Hullabaloo

Though not in regards to the budget hearing preceding the regular meeting where nobody from the public showed up. However, at the regular meeting:

For those interested in only viewing the contentions portions, Bruce Paterson has this helpful timeline:

The public was represented by Salaam Ishmael and the 1741 project people.

The public speaking portion got unruly with speakers being shut down at 5 minutes almost getting thrown out.

And name calling. The actions and name calling are at the time stamps below:

It started when one person spoke emphatically but pretty nicely from 11:30 to 14:30 and went downhill with the others.

15:20 calling the county “an embarrassment”

16:20 citing a “lack of empathy” for ancestors

23:30 called them “disrespectful”

27:50 a member of the clergy reached his 5 minutes but kept talking and a cop was up at the speaker trying to politely throw him out.  It lasted several minutes.

29:20 the member of the clergy called Chairman Grenados a coward.

30:00 Grenados called a recess.

30:10 Clergy member called Grenados a coward twice more.


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