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Cultivating Justice in the Garden State

David Wildstein had Chapter 3 – Settling Scores – on his blog which led a my first blog. Now the book is out and reveals Union County political power broker Raymond Lesniak to be in line with almost all other politicians here who believe they know it all because they elicit the largest bribes. Lesniak’s career highlight was some forensic competition he won in France opposing the death penalty. We find out about France, his method of preparation, and the skill level of his opponents that day but nothing about his argument. It’s all about him.

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Mt. Laurel Man (1) Courting Justice

The best thing for me about New Jersey is the library system where I have access to millions of books well-chosen by professional librarians. The worst thing, in far too many instances, is government by kakistocracy.

This series will spell out a scam being played on Kenilworth taxpayers that has cost us over one million dollars so far (enough to run the Kenilworth library for a year). I have been barred from asking related questions of Kenilworth officials and OPRA requests have been embargoed so this will all be based on what I have uncovered on my own without feedback from here on from government sources.

First a bit of perspective with excerpts from a 2013 book on “New Jersey cases that shook the nation” which includes a chapter on the Mount Laurel Affordable Housing mess that is the basis of the scheme being played out here and then some short clips that I can now better identify with.

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