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Mt. Laurel Man (1) Courting Justice

The best thing for me about New Jersey is the library system where I have access to millions of books well-chosen by professional librarians. The worst thing, in far too many instances, is government by kakistocracy.

This series will spell out a scam being played on Kenilworth taxpayers that has cost us over one million dollars so far (enough to run the Kenilworth library for a year). I have been barred from asking related questions of Kenilworth officials and OPRA requests have been embargoed so this will all be based on what I have uncovered on my own without feedback from here on from government sources.

First a bit of perspective with excerpts from a 2013 book on “New Jersey cases that shook the nation” which includes a chapter on the Mount Laurel Affordable Housing mess that is the basis of the scheme being played out here and then some short clips that I can now better identify with.

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