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Here is some new (to me) information on the Social Security item for police.

Since we have payroll data from the pension spreadsheet as of March 31, 2021 here is what the employer portion of OASI should look like:

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KBudget(1)-PFRS Bills

So starts this six-blog series on the 2021 Kenilworth budget with my question on pension bills. If you want to follow ahead the full Q&A (and slander) during the hearing is at the bottom of this blog.

Whereas in Union County this was the answer:

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CBBS (4) RMAs Buying Work

There are 11 Registered Municipal Accountant (RMA) firms who prepared the 2021 budgets for New Jersey’s 21 counties. All donated to politicians, either directly or through their accountants, according to the NJELEC website. Here they are those accountants and what they made in political campaign contributions

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CBBS (3) PFRS Bill-To-Budget Theft

For Bergen and Monmouth counties the amounts appropriated for PFRS contributions in their budgets do include a buffer. I do not have access to their check registries but billing history does go back to 2017 on the state website and those amounts do approximate what is reported as charged in their budgets with the excess appropriation reserved (mostly and with 2021 still to be adjusted). Not so in Union County where I do have check registry data going back to 2005 and it shows $1,360,304 unaccounted for.

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CBBS (1) PFRS Bill-To-Budget

This sounded like bullshit at the time:

Actuarial reports for the plan year ended June 30, 2019 came out April 23, 2020 and they were used for determining the amounts localities had to pay by April, 2021. Retro bills? Buffers? Has the state ever sent a retro bill for a pension payment? That’s what I wanted to find out which is why I gathered all 21 county budgets for 2021 with the idea of comparing costs and spotlighting dodgy numbers that politicians, political appointees, and media that covers their actions (sparse as it is) have no incentive (or, in most cases, knowledge) to review. Hence this CBBS series which starts with my quest for an explanation of PFRS billing and budget differences.

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Largest Tax Increase in Recorded History

Though the records I was able to find only go back to 2014 but it was still a shock in a state that is supposed to have a cap on property tax increases to see a 4.8% increase in my property taxes in one year and a 20% increase since 2014.

The tenement project pushed by campaign donors set me off but this tax bill sealed it. An EDDM to 3,024 households was dropped off at the Kenilworth Post Office today.

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Local NJ Pension Hikes

Under covid cover, New Jersey actuaries came up with a massive increase in pension payments required of localities in 2021 after years of modest hikes (and even reductions in some years) if Kenilworth is any measure.

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Union/Morris Budget Comparison – 2021

Back at I did comparisons for 2008,  2009 and 2010 of the Union and Morris County budgets and did 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 , 2017, and 2018 here.  It is about time for an update.

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UCCF 4/22/21: Meandering Budget Comments

The 2021 Union County Budget was passed unanimously today with only two members of the public piping up and, for any of you out there who feel yourself overtaxed and might want some answers of your own, here is a taste of what you can expect:

Much more from this meeting over the next few blogs as we look at detail and admissions (yes, the county is paying millions for those solar panels that were supposed to be free) but we start with the two questioners:

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Buffer Pirates

I submitted my question on Monday giving the financial people time to think up an answer. This is the best they could do:

My guess is that this answer came from the accountants (Suplee, Clooney & Company) and something was lost in translation.

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