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UCCF 7/14/22: Video – UC Gov’t Complex Fiasco –

Comments on an OPRA settlement and the UC Gov’t Complex Fiasco:

Response to the latter:

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UCCF 6/23/22: Resolutions

Resolutions referenced:

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UCCF 6/9/22: Q&As and MV Strategies

Questions on resolutions:

Comments on MV Strategies:


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UCCF 5/26/22: Underpaid County Employees

Some turn employment with Union County into hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and stipends annually. While others:

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MV Strategies Coverup

The good news is that “Daily Reports to Ed Oatman and the UC Board of Commissioners from MV Strategies” and “emails, texts, memorandums and any communications between Edward Oatman/Jessica Cohen and Megan Brown/Elaina Estrin of MV Strategies beginning June 2020 through December 2021” exist. The bad news is that it will cost you $750.91 (not including copying charges) to get them.

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UCCF 5/12/22: MV Strategies in NJ

When asked what MV Strategies did and who else they did it for, we got this response:

So these are supposed to be the clients of MV Strategies in New Jersey:

  • Union County
  • Hudson County
  • Camden County
  • Gloucester County
  • Burlington County
  • Middlesex County
  • City of West New York
  • State of New Jersey

If googling is supposed to yield better results than sending in OPRA requests it’s worth a try.

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UCCF 5/12/22: MV Strategies Called Out

Nobody got the poll question right as Bruce Paterson was shut down after 4 paragraphs of his statement at last night’s Union County commissioner meeting – though it had to do with running into a time limit after laying out his timeline of trying to find out what MV Strategies did for $750,000.

But most of you were right about commissioner backlash:

Here is the full exchange:

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UCCF 5/12/22: MV Strategies To Be Called Out

This is what Bruce Paterson proposes saying at tonight’s Union County commissioner meeting:

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UCCF 4/28/22: Roasting Paterson

Interested in making your voice heard in Union County? Think again.

You are not going to hear anything substantive about what MV Strategies really did for their $750,000 but you will see more commissioners taking out their hatred of free speech on Bruce Paterson.

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UCCF 4/7/22: Resolutions and Refunding Ordinance

Resolutions mentioned and Ordinance:

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