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UCCF 10/7/21: Uncensored Resolutions

Q & A on resolutions (which apparently did not contain any “inflammatory and personal comments and attacks” to be censored on advice of counsel – unlike my comments which we will get to tomorrow):

Resolutions mentioned:

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Finger the UCIA Bully

Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) resolution 92-2021 dated 9/8/21 reads in part:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners of the Union County Improvement Authority that the positions of Administrative Analyst and Fiscal Analyst be laid off due to lack of work and for reasons of economy and efficiency effective the close of business on Friday, September 24, 2021.

The next day a county messenger hand-delivered a termination letter to Mark Brink. Video clips from the 9/23/21 commissioner meeting tell the story:

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UCCF 9/23/21: Paterson on Resolutions

Including some ignored comments:

Resolutions referenced:

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UCCF 9/23/21: UCIA Brouhaha

Mr. Sensitivity:

Full comments (details on this situation at the Union County Improvement Authority being researched):

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UCCF 9/23/21: Contractor Donation Guidelines

We will get to Bruce Paterson on resolutions and the emotional brouhaha at the Union County Improvement Authority in due course but first, me. At the 9/2/21 commissioner meeting I asked about prohibited campaign contributions. Not getting an answer, I did some research, and here is what I found being read into the record:

Text of comments:

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UCCF 9/2/21: Unpacking Some Baggage

There was a real question I had, among my cathartic comments, that I expected to be answered at this Commissioner meeting but instead it was ignored (or ignorance was plead):

Here is how my comments were read into the record:

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UCCF 9/2/21: Resolutions

My contribution to the meeting is coming in the next blog but first, Bruce Paterson:

Resolutions mentioned:

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UCCF 8/12/21: Resolutions Under Advisement

There was a second speaker who called in with comments/questions at today’s commissioner’s meeting which played havoc with the phone system and Bruce Paterson’s questions/comments on resolutions wound up being read (slowly) into the record, with the last eliciting this response:

Full Q&A:

Resolutions referenced and comments as almost read into the record below:

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UCCF 7/22/21: Calling Out the Gamesmanship

Who’s to blame for this?

More on an ordinance eliminating the Department of Corrections and resolutions:

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UCCF 6/10/21: $10 Million Covid Money; Ruotolo Going; Smirking

To be clear, no influence on this:

Bruce Paterson Q & A etc.:

Resolutions mentioned plus jail ordinance pulled and resubmitted plus what those commissioners were smirking at:

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