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Can Run Elections But Can’t Be Elected

Not because he can’t win (he did) but because he can’t serve on account of an “unspecified criminal offense”.

According to a story in the Union New Daily:

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Grand jury looking at Cryan election issue

You may remember that the last election for chairmanship of the Union County Democratic Committee was contested with Nick Scutari beating back a challenge from Colleen Mahr, 412 – 341 which may have been a little too close for Scutari who, according to, is looking for a state grand jury to agree with him.

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Hillside Mayoral Election: Cryan over Holley

InsiderNJ just reported:

Pablo Fonseca wants a recount. But as of right now, with late vote totals coming in from the community center, Dahlia Vertreese’s strong point, Vertreese appears to have defeated Jorge Batista by 28 votes in the Hillside mayoral runoff. The vote total stood at 1,739 to 1,711.

Around 8:30 p.m., Batista gave a moving concession speech in his Liberty Avenue headquarters in the midst of a downbeat, exhausted and rain-spattered crowd.Backed by former Mayor Joe Menza, defeated general election contenders Salonia Saxton and Sip Whitaker, and the beneficiary of a late mail assist by Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-20), the attorney ran a man against the machine candidacy.

In the end, Vertreese and her council slate won with the combined support of U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. (D-10), Assemblyman Joe Cryan (D-20), the AFL-CIO and local Democratic Party Chairman Anthony Salters.

An earlier InsiderNJ story has this background to the election:

Jorge Batista and Dahlia Vertreese wanted to be mayor. But the bigger fight was between Senator-elect Joe Cryan (D-20) and Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-20) for districtwide dominance.

Holley got to the dance with the backing of retiring state Senator Ray Lesniak (D-20), and now Cryan wants to squeegee the last vestiges of Lesniak residue out of the 20th even before the retiring brand name actually officially retires.

Cryan hitched up to Vertreese, who has the backing of local Democratic Chairman Anthony Salters and the AFL-CIO. Someone told InsiderNJ earlier today that union Prez Charlie Wowkanech and his trusty right hand, Laurel Brennan, could be seen on the street in the vicinity of Vertreese headquarters.

Then there’s Holley, who’s thrown in with Batista. If Vertresse iced Batista by evening’s end, Holley could consider himself a step closer to the edge of the plank Cryan wanted him to walk ahead of 2019, with Union County Freeholder Mohamed Jalloh potentially in the wings. If Batista won, Holley would have made a statement of strength in the face of godfather Lesniak’s imminent departure.

Could this also signal the end for the Roselle Mind & Body Complex? With Holley neutered and tax reform on the federal level threatening to do away with the tax advantages of Private Activity Bonds it may be time for the politicos backing the project to cut bait.


2017 Union County Election Donors

Now that the data has been uploaded to the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission website we can see how much these votes cost each party:

Dem – Peter CORVELLI 71,036
Rep – Marc A. KRAUSS 36,052
Personal Choice 41

Dem – Angel ESTRADA 68,884
Dem – Christopher HUDAK 67,960
Dem – Angela R. GARRETSON 67,054
Rep – Patricia QUATTROCCHI 37,055
Rep – P. Mark MARTINI 36,982
Rep – Peter B. LIJOI 36,359
Personal Choice 96

On average for the entire 2017 election cycle Democrats got $8.50 for each vote. Republicans got a quarter. Not a quarter of what the Democrats got but literally 25 cents for each vote.

Here are the details with  spreadsheets  sorted by donor:

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