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2022 UC Budget (2): UCIA Aid

The 2022 Union County Executive Budget is out and the first curious entry is:

Has the county left off propping up the Union County Improvement Authority in light of the latest fiasco?

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2022 Union County Executive Budget (1) Pop Outs

The 2022 Union County Executive Budget is out and this blog kicks off a series that will look at the numbers in detail. Here are the pertinent pages and we start with items that pop out at you to the point where you assume it is some kind of mistake.


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Municipal Budgets 2021 (6) Insurance

Comparing pension records as to employee counts to 2021 budget allocations that municipalities in Union County paid for insurance including group health, health benefit waivers , and general liability including workers compensation yields these spreadsheets with rankings by municipality.

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Insuring Kenilworth Bankruptcy

General Motors spends more on health care than steel. Kathleen Sebelius

Based on check registry data put into worksheets Kenilworth (and likely most municipalities in New Jersey) spend much more on insurance than politicians can steal.

Each of these rows has a story. Among the more interesting:

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