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UCCF 12/1/22: Bibi Taylor Must Be Removed

Part of Bruce Paterson’s comments on another UCIA fiasco included the suggestion:

Below is the full clip. Though the reference at the beginning about the county being ‘litigious against anyone expressing free speech’ may seem out of place, I assure you it is not and I have a blog ready to go once another outlet reports on the latest bully move a couple of county employees (who really run this place) pulled this holiday season.

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Billing: Possible Probe by State Comptroller’s Office

So how much has Kingston Coventry, LLC been paid so far to, according to TAPintoWestfield, provide general counsel and potential litigation services to the county in regard to a probe by the State Comptroller’s office?

According to billing records:

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UCCF 10/20/22: Videos

From comment time on union negotiations and video described in prior blogs:

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UCCF 10/20/22: Possible Probe by State Comptroller’s Office

Reso 2022-916 is $45,000 to Kingston Coventry for legal services. I notice they are experts in defending parties in legal cases.  This is a huge amount. Since this is only for “potential litigation” and not litigation, please explain what this is about.  I hear there is some investigation from the comptroller’s office, something about audits.

That was the question asked but according to TAPintoWestfield there was no answer provided so let’s look at what we know so far starting with the resolutions.

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UCCF 10/6/22: Bonding and Resolutions Including Ruotolo


Answers/comments and resolutions mentioned:

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County violated state law

It happens that Bergen County had a similar situation and today the Star Ledger reported (or maybe mis-reported) on what the State Supreme County had to say. Excerpts follow.

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Decision in UC Government Complex Project

For those looking for that 21-page judicial ruling mention in the story, here it is.

Notable excerpts below:

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Breaking News: Court halts UC Government Complex Project


Union County’s long-planned $123.8 million government complex that opponents claimed had illegally skirted state public bidding laws was halted by a state appeals court Tuesday, which rejected arguments that any delay in the construction project would only incur more costs to taxpayers.

In a 21-page ruling, the judges said the plaintiffs in the case “clearly and convincingly demonstrated imminent irreparable harm — not personal in nature, but rather as representative of all taxpayers in Union County.”

Looking at Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) available bill payment resolutions, the Union County Government Complex has so far cost at least $11,681,938.09:

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Mt. Laurel Man (1) Courting Justice

The best thing for me about New Jersey is the library system where I have access to millions of books well-chosen by professional librarians. The worst thing, in far too many instances, is government by kakistocracy.

This series will spell out a scam being played on Kenilworth taxpayers that has cost us over one million dollars so far (enough to run the Kenilworth library for a year). I have been barred from asking related questions of Kenilworth officials and OPRA requests have been embargoed so this will all be based on what I have uncovered on my own without feedback from here on from government sources.

First a bit of perspective with excerpts from a 2013 book on “New Jersey cases that shook the nation” which includes a chapter on the Mount Laurel Affordable Housing mess that is the basis of the scheme being played out here and then some short clips that I can now better identify with.

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Tangled Transactions In Union County

It was reported that Bergen and Union Counties are being sued over how contracts for projects were being awarded and, having some knowledge of how Union County works, perhaps I can untangle that transaction.

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