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Mt. Laurel Man (1) Courting Justice

The best thing for me about New Jersey is the library system where I have access to millions of books well-chosen by professional librarians. The worst thing, in far too many instances, is government by kakistocracy.

This series will spell out a scam being played on Kenilworth taxpayers that has cost us over one million dollars so far (enough to run the Kenilworth library for a year). I have been barred from asking related questions of Kenilworth officials and OPRA requests have been embargoed so this will all be based on what I have uncovered on my own without feedback from here on from government sources.

First a bit of perspective with excerpts from a 2013 book on “New Jersey cases that shook the nation” which includes a chapter on the Mount Laurel Affordable Housing mess that is the basis of the scheme being played out here and then some short clips that I can now better identify with.

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Tangled Transactions In Union County

It was reported that Bergen and Union Counties are being sued over how contracts for projects were being awarded and, having some knowledge of how Union County works, perhaps I can untangle that transaction.

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UCCF 2/18/21: Drive-In-Fest and Hudak Qualifications

Bruce Paterson on resolutions:

Resolutions referred to below along with a follow-up on Hudak’s qualifications and greenways and trails.

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Did Union County do an end-run around N.J. bidding rules?

Dobco thinks so and it was reported that they filed a lawsuit to which the attorney for the Union County Improvement Authority, David Minchello, decided to comment:

“Both the County of Union and the Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) have engaged in a multi-year process to review its space needs and ensure open and transparent competition in the selection of a developer of a new administration building,” Minchello said in a statement. “Dobco voluntarily participated in this competitive process, without objection, and was not selected to move forward for consideration. It is disappointing that they have now sought meritless litigation in an attempt to reinsert themselves into the selection process and gain an unfair advantage over their competitors.”

He added that the county and improvement authority “have complied with all applicable laws and look forward to defending its process in court.”

Of course they look forward to court dates, and here’s why.

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UCCF 5/23/19: Freeholders Pay for Sexual Harassment

2019-463: A resolution authorizing Settlement of pending litigation in the matter entitled Susan Pearl & Cynthia Pisano v. UC, ct al, Docket No. MID-L-5833-18, in the total amount not to exceed $395,000 (County Contribution not to exceed is S230,000, remainder from Chubb Insurance Co.)

This is how the litigation was explained by County Counsel Robert Barry:

And this is how TapintoClark explained it:
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