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CBBS (4) RMAs Buying Work

There are 11 Registered Municipal Accountant (RMA) firms who prepared the 2021 budgets for New Jersey’s 21 counties. All donated to politicians, either directly or through their accountants, according to the NJELEC website. Here they are those accountants and what they made in political campaign contributions

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Insuring Kenilworth Bankruptcy

General Motors spends more on health care than steel. Kathleen Sebelius

Based on check registry data put into worksheets Kenilworth (and likely most municipalities in New Jersey) spend much more on insurance than politicians can steal.

Each of these rows has a story. Among the more interesting:

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If you were wondering what I was referring to with this question to Governor Murphy?

It happened here with accountants:

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Baiting the Hook

Kenilworth’s 2011 Master Plan as prepared by Kevin O’Brien (NJ P.P. License 5348; Shamrock Enterprises, Ltd.) takes about an hour to get through. Of the 76 pages 70 consist of boiler plate language and fun facts that could be pulled from wikipedia. The crux of the document is a 20-item wish list that pushes primarily for senior housing. Yet this document needs to be updated for a municipality that is 99% developed according to Planning Board chairman Rich Picerno:

Endless nights of master planning? Kenilworth has changed over the last few years, and not for the better, yet we are unlikely to see issues like these come up in any new master plan.

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If you were wondering what I was referring to with this question to Governor Murphy?

It happens all the time but a particularly interesting scenario played out in Kenilworth:

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Scutari Ethics

Curb you astonishment but it was reported:

On Tuesday afternoon, a coalition of advocates, students and residents led by New Jersey Working Families Alliance filed an ethics complaint against State Senator Nicholas Scutari for allegations concerning the senator’s law practice. The complaint, filed with the Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards, called for a full investigation relating to the conduct of the Senator. According to an investigation by the law firm Calcagni & Kanefsky, Senator Scutari committed “serial absenteeism” over the course of five years as Linden municipal prosecutor, missing 255 of 628 court sessions and costing the municipality nearly $200,000.

Yes, they are asking a judge to sanction the guy who confirms judges. But worse than that:

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Backing Holley

David Wildstein reported on how dangerous that can be:

The husband of Gov. Phil Murphy’s failed nominee for a seat on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has contributed $500 to Assemblyman Jamel Holley’s campaign for the Democratic State Senate nomination in the 20th legislative district.

Tim Carden, a onetime Democratic operative who served as Commissioner of Human Services in Gov. Brendan Byrne’s cabinet, is listed on Holley’s amended report with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission as contributing to Holley on April 9.

Ten days later, Murphy withdrew the nomination of Carden’s wife, Amy Rosen, to the Port Authority.

Which got me to wondering who else would put possible future Democrat-controlled jobs and contracts in jeopardy by backing Holley against the machine.

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Acrisure in Union County

According to

Acrisure, a multi-billion dollar national brokerage firm, may have secured government contracts worth millions of dollars by exploiting a loophole in New Jersey’s pay-to-play rules through the acquisition of branch offices once owned by well-connected political insiders that remain on the payroll. 

Those insiders, and its company employees, subsequently pumped more than $100,000 worth of campaign donations to lawmakers dating back to 2015 and sometimes days before those lawmakers voted on awarding lucrative contracts to Acrisure. 

If that name Acrisure is familiar to us in Union County:

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Former County Manager’s New Job

Remember George W. Devanney III who used to be Union County Manager until July, 2011? He has a new job and apparently now goes by Geprge.

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Fighting to the Death for Florio, Et Alia

Apparently the federal government wants to put strings on payments under the Cares Act to states and counties and Governor Murphy takes exception:

Union County at this hour is spending the first of that Cares Act money.

On whom?

According to their meeting agenda:

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