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Filtering data on participants in the New Jersey retirement for only those linked to Union County (including municipalities and authorities) yields 39,350 entries with total annual salaries of $1,353,357,535 and pensions of $612,010,813. Of those, 178 participants are double-dippers with annual salaries of $7,816,950 and pensions of $6,281,373 who fall into four categories (with examples): Continue reading


Union County Employees / Retirees

New Jersey has updated their pension data which includes listings of all retirees with the amount of their annual pensions as well as those currently employed with their salaries.

You can view  spreadsheets listing all 16,330 retirees and 20,878 current employees related to Union County by clicking the link union county employees/retirees above.

Here are those who top the lists:

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Keeping Up With Union County Retirees

New Jersey has updated their listing of retirees in  the state pension system. As of June, 2017 there were 2,667 retirees whose last employer was associated with Union County getting annualized benefits of $73,152,188. Among the recognizable (to me)  names:

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