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Can Run Elections But Can’t Be Elected

Not because he can’t win (he did) but because he can’t serve on account of an “unspecified criminal offense”.

According to a story in the Union New Daily:

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R.I.P. Summit Council President

Summit at one time sent many of their elected representatives to freeholder meetings seeking lower taxes. Sadly one of those representatives passed away.

In remembrance:

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UCCF 10/25/18: Campaigning in Summit

It was a little chilly tonight to be standing outside Kings so the freeholders, 12 days before an election, decided to get their photoops at Summit City Hall.

Among the topics brought up in Open Comment time:

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Malinowski/Devanney Link

A new poll by New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski shows him narrowly leading five-term Republican Representative Leonard Lance in the 7th District. Malinowski’s last major victory was on March 11, 2018 when he cemented himself as the frontrunner in the CD7 Democratic Primary, defeating Union County (Berkeley Heights) resident Linda Weber by a final tally of 7-6 for the backing of the Union County Democratic Organization line. At the time it was rumored that Garwood was the decider. An anonymous source disagrees:

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R.I.P. Bill Schluter

Soft Corruption by William E. Schluter has become a bible for me here as it reflects closely my experience with legalized graft in New Jersey politics.

Bill Schluter died yesterday. Here are his teachings from past blogs.

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We Are the Ones Paying for Union Endorsements

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO announced their 2018 endorsements for political office this week and the headline news was that there was a Republican among the 20 lucky politicians. One of those Democrats endorsed was Linda Carter in District 22 who was a Union County freeholder back on December 17, 2015 when she listened to this pitch:

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Linda Carter Resigns as Freeholder

According to David Wildstein, “Democrat Linda Carter was sworn in today as the newest member of the New Jersey State Assembly after winning a special election convention to fill the Assembly seat left vacant by the death of Jerry Green last month.”

So at tonight’s freeholder meeting, after the Westfield football team and the Roselle Catholic girls’ basketball team got their certificates, there was a brief ceremony saying goodbye to Linda Carter. The interesting part was that during the picture-taking members of county staff in the audience were asked to come up and be in a few of the pictures. This immediately dwindled down the audience for this public meeting to me, Paul Peyton from the Westfield Leader, and Arthur Kobitz.