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Scutari 412 – 341

It was a packed house (and parking which is all I saw as reporters were kept out):

According to :

Scutari wins.


“Why?” A Mahr partisan grouses. “Why did she agree to having people put names on paper?”

That was the deal, someone suggests.

Mahr wanted machines.

Scutari wanted hands.

He agrees to paper over hands if they provide their names.

That’s how the vote went forward tonight amid acrimony over process.

“But that’s all he wanted,” the source groans, referring to the winner. “A way to find out how you voted by any means.”


What They Look For In A Union County Manager

And so it was with the search for a new Union County Manager which likely consisted of a few phone calls telling the freeholders who it was going to be with the main criteria not being who had the most relevant experience but rather who would not have to change any speed-dial numbers (which may not be the case come this Wednesday – still time to vote below).

When an OPRA was sent for all documents related to the hiring of Ed Oatman as the new county manager all that came came back were his job application and resume:

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Under the Union Hood

Union County Democratic Committee acting chairwoman Colleen Mahr announced that Wednesday, Feb. 21, will be the date of the meeting to vote on the UCDC’s next permanent chair. Insidernj covered the announcement meeting in Ferraro’s in Westfield and among their observations:

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Mahr v. Scutari: Getting Ugly

A lot is at stake in the battle over who will be the next Union Democratic Chairperson: ballot positions, county jobs, maybe even judgeships. Nothing to do with good government as taxes here will still be among the highest in the nation and political donors will still call the shots as to what gets done but there is some perverted entertainment value in watching a bunch of politicians eager to sell their souls confused as to who it would be more profitable for them to latch onto.

Among the latest doings and our poll:

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UCCF 1/25/18: Resolution on New County Manager

2018-129: Resolution appointing Ed Oatman as County Manager to serve at the pleasure of the Board and said services shall commence on March 1, 2018.

Though the resolution passed, it did not do so unanimously or without comment, including references to pending litigation…..
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New Union County Democrat Chairman?

Sources say that Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-22) – who has been ailing – will soon resign the chairmanship of the Union County Democratic Committee.

Those sources also say…..

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New Union County Manager Is….

Someone emailed in this comment anonymously:

Why in God’s name the Union County Manager’s position is picked by who you are buddies with, and not selected through a rigorous interview process, so that the best, most well-qualified man or woman is selected for the job?? How much does Union County tax us?? Why is it being used to reward allies and punish foes? This is an embarrassment to democracy, and what’s left of the political press pretends it is normal.

But all we have anymore instead of a free press in New Jersey are galleries of cute dog photos on Fantastic.

And, according to tonight’s freeholder agenda setting meeting the process has yielded a new County Manager as of March 1, 2018……

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