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UCCF 5/6/21: Resolutions

Ending with the obvious (which elicited no comment):

Full Qs & As

Resolutions mentioned:

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Not That Bondage

Joseph Cryan is one of those white males who run New Jersey, often through variegated fronts, with this history of ‘public service’:

In 2015 Cryan stepped aside for Jamel Holley to take over the Assembly seat for the 20th district. Some people (including, it appears, Jamel Holley) through that Cyran’s break with the legislature had to do with his ‘kinky proclivities‘ but it turns out that the real reason was that Cryan was out of step with his party’s decision to back Christie’s mini-attack on public employee benefits.

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Pot Pops

There was a dustup on legalization of marijuana in the state Senate this Thursday though no video, only live stream, as it seems we had one of those BLM folks strongly in favor of S21 defending their record against a racist:

For the record, here is a picture of State Senator, and Union County political boss, Nick Scutari and the fellow he is ranting against with the full exchange:

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UC Boss Scutari Comes Out of His Jacket

According to insidernj, it’s all about legalizing marijuana and keeping Blacks down.

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Token Opposition

Union County freeholder Rebecca Williams, a black woman from Plainfield who was appointed by the county democrat machine to the freeholder board in 2018 to replace a black woman from Plainfield, takes issue with tokenism.

From a facebook post:

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Good Government Coalition Wants Scutari Out

newjerseyglobe reports:

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Feds Investigating Scutari

Last October Linden Mayor Derek Armstead sent a letter to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito, asking for an investigation into state Senator Nicholas Scutari (D-22), going back to when Scutari worked as the municipal attorney.

“Based on the severity of Nicholas Scutari’s improprieties, it was absolutely necessary to take swift action and call on the authorities to immediately investigate the abuse of public trust that I have outlined in my correspondence. In 2017, Scutari missed 64 out of 115 Court Sessions and in 2018, he missed 57 out of 111 Court Sessions; all while earning $85,000 a year. His ‘absences’ cost the taxpayers of Linden $147,493.97.”

Yesterday it was reported that the U.S. Attorney took some action:

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Scutari Marshalling Board Against Armstead

Apparently there is a power struggle going on for control of Union County between Linden Mayor (and former county employee) Derek Armstead and State Senator (and current Union County Democrat Chairman and former Linden Prosecutor) Nicholas Scutari with Armstead using the resources of the state which seem to have borne some fruit per stories that just broke:

State Sen. Scutari under investigation

Grand jury subpoenas records of powerful state senator accused of being a no-show in lucrative municipal job

While Scutari looks to his handpicked minions to carry his load:

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UCCF 2/20/20: Ex-Freeholder Cashes In

2020-191: Authorizing County Manager to enter into a professional services contract with Live Life Virtually (LLV), LLC, Linden, New Jersey for the period of March 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020, in an amount not to exceed $26,905, to provide online access to curriculum, training materials, data collection, and the full customization of a version of LLV “Your Practice Life” program optimized for low to moderate income youth in Union County.

Explained this way at Agenda meeting:

Real Reason:

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Lourdes Leon Baggage

Ignoring the fact that the position of freeholder in Union County is almost entirely ceremonial Matt Friedman of Politico dredged up some dirt on Angel Estrada’s replacement:

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