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UCCF 7/20/17: Roselle’s Folly and the Return of the Prodigal

As a public service Freeholder Chairman Bergen warned about an invasive bug coming to Union County:

Coincidentally, earlier in the evening we learned of the return of a familiar name as a developer of the Roselle Mind and Body Complex that some Roselle residents warned would destroy their borough as if it were an ash tree facing a horde of Emerald Ash Borers.

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Building It – The Series (1) Plant the Seed

How does a major building project get done in Union County?

This series will examine the process concentrating on the recently completed Family Courthouse and the recently green-lit Mind & Body Complex in Roselle.

Step one: campaign donations.

If politicians want money from Netta Architects, NW Financial, and Mast Construction they have to provide them with work.

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Roselle’s Folly (16) Plea to Freeholders


Charts in the handout:

Roselle’s Folly (15): What’s Cumming

The last resolution unanimously approved at the April 5, 2017 meeting of the UCIA:

33-2017: Resolution of the Union County Improvement Authority authorizing award of Professional Services Contract to Cumming for Construction Monitoring in connection with the Mind & Body Project, Borough of Roselle.

No link was provided to the resolution on the UCIA website but there was some information on Cumming Construction Management, Inc. on the NJELEC website:

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Roselle’s Folly (14) Resolution, Intimidation, and Eminent Domain

The Roselle Mind & Body Complex is moving along with any possible dissent met with votes and no confidence and bricks.

The Union County Improvement Authority, for its part, on January 4, 2017 adopted Resolution 113-2016 which set a price:


with this hitch:


If acquisition by eminent domain becomes necessary:


Here is what 901 Chandler Street looks like now:

UCIA Raises and Cost Debacles

The Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) held their first meeting of the year last week and the first order of business:

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Roselle’s Folly (13) Moving Ahead

The Union County Improvement Authority Board at their December 7, 2016 meeting paid some bills (DeCotiis is now at over $12.5 million since 2004), renamed a building in Plainfield after Jerry Green, and had five resolutions moving ahead the $59 million Roselle Mind and Complex:

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