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Notable Events in County Government

No idea how wikipedia entries get created but the entry on Union County includes a section noting some dubious happenings since 2009:

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UCCF 3/30/23: Priorities

The meeting was primarily on the county seal but we start with Bruce Paterson questions:

Responses follow along with representative issues on what the county spends money on and what it does not spend money on.

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East Orange County Employees

According to the County of Union Employee Handbook (bottom of page 32):

All persons who are employed by the County of Union in a full-time capacity in a classified or
unclassified service after November 10, 1983, prior to employment, must be and thereafter
remain bona fide residents of the County of Union. Upon completion of fifteen (15) years of
service with the County of Union, the residency requirement is waived.

The next page goes into waivers of the residency requirement which these employees:

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UCCF 7/14/22: UC Gov’t Complex Fiasco

In about an hour Bruce Paterson should be expounding on the “cluster–f” that is the UC Gov’t Complex project. Here is what he intends to say:

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Stay in white-trash Kenilworth!!

Hectic tax time and with Central States taking their time applying for a bailout and New Jersey taking their time posting the GASB 75 report for the SHBP State Retired Fund, I was facing a few dark blogging days until today’s mail brought relief.

Here is what I got with my responses below.

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Legalizing No-Bid Contracts

After an appeals court ruled a couple of weeks ago that Union County had illegally awarded contracts to build a government complex, the state legislature took quick action.

Yesterday S1714 was introduced and referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee to legalize these pay-to-play arrangements.

Excerpts from the story:

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UCCF 2/17/22: Government Complex Comments

Official Union County position on the lawsuit loss:

Supposedly in response to these comments from Bruce Paterson:

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James LaCorte Dies

Per newjerseyglobe:

James LaCorte, Union County Surrogate, dies at 74

Son of former Elizabeth mayor and state senator, LaCorte was serving his fifth term.

My only run in with him:

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Union County Government Giving ‘Unheard Of’ Raises To Top Admins

This letter was sent to the clerks of the 21 municipalities in Union County for distribution to the local governing bodies and got into TAPinto Westfield.

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UCCF 10/7/21: Can’t Take the Truth

Here is that paragraph:

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