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Holley/Cryan Weigh In

What stands out in the Mahr/Scutari battle over who will be the next Union County Democratic chairperson (ie fundraiser, candidate selector, project instigator) is the total lack of focus on issues of interest to the average taxpayer (ie taxes). The reason is that it is not general taxpayers who are the electorate here but rather committee people and campaign donors who have their own agendas (ie. county jobs for their kids, building and consulting work for themselves, future ballot positions) which is why when insidernj reports on this internecine dust-up it’s all personal:

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New Union County Manager!

No longer is there a question. According to a press release on the county website:

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New Union County Manager?

The county website still has Al Faella in the job but insidernj has a different guy with a behind-the-scenes explanation:

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Oak Ridge Rinks Iced

There was another freeholder meeting yesterday that ran from 6:30pm to about 6:45pm which was advertised as a hearing on a Project Scope Change for Oak Ridge Park in Clark:

TAKE NOTICE that the County of Union has applied to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Green Acres Program, to allow the County to change its proposed project scope at Oak Ridge Park in Clark, New Jersey (constituting Block 2, Lot 1; Block 2, Lot 3: and Block 3, Lot 1 on the Clark Tax Map) from the one approved by Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres Program on April 12, 2011.

The revised project scope will eliminate the previously approved outdoor Ice Skating Center, and it would create a new athletic track and field at the Park that would conform with NCAA collegiate standards. The previously approved bike-pathway and Great Lawn and Amphitheater (with a movable-temporary stage) will remain part of the proposed project.

Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:36-12.2(b) a scoping hearing to obtain public comment on this request will be held before the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders. All interested parties are invited to attend and participate in this hearing. Written comments on the proposed change may be directed to Kevin Campbell, Assistant County Counsel, 10 Elizabethtown Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07207, also available at (908)-527-4250.

There was not much of a public presence at the hearing and no member of the public made any comments.

The new plans for Oak Ridge Park are now:

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Solar Panel Fallout – Part 2

This was in Sussex County but Union County was similarly gulled into their own version of this Solar Panel fiasco.

Below, pertinent excerpts from the Boxer $500,000 report:

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UCCF 6/22/17: Oak Ridge Park Plans

2017-542: A resolution amending Resolution Number 2016-514, authorizing the County Manager to enter into an Amended Shared Services Agreement with the Union County Improvement Authority for the Oak Ridge Park Project.

2017-543: Resolution Authorizing the County Manager to enter into a Use and Maintenance Agreement with the Union County College for the Oak Ridge Park Project.

From back on June 9, 2016:

2016-514: Resolution authorizing the County Manger to enter into a Shared Services Agreement with the Union County Improvement Authority for the development, construction and implementation of the Oak Ridge Property Project; and further transferring existing funds to the Union County Improvement Authority in an amount not to exceed $2,562,788.40 as per terms of the Agreement.

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Reassessment Road Trip – Scotch Plains

Bruce Paterson on the road to get Union County to use some of their surplus to pay for municipal reassessments. April 4, 2017 in Scotch Plains: